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The games format was inspired by The Big Fat Quiz of the year and takes our players through 10, highly interactive rounds of gameplay. Using video, audio, special guests, graphics, news presenters, and live triggers. We typically run a different quiz each month, which follows the seasons. Jan: The Fat Big Quiz of... The Year Feb: The Fat Big Quiz of... The Nation Mar: The Fat Big Quiz of... Everything Apr: The Fat Big Quiz of... Easter May: The Fat Big Quiz of... Spring Jun: The Fat Big Quiz of... Europe Jul: The Fat Big Quiz of... Europe Aug: The Fat Big Quiz of... Summer Sep: The Fat Big Quiz of... Summer Oct: The Fat Big Quiz of... Halloween Nov: The Fat Big Quiz of... Fireworks Dec: The Fat Big Quiz of... Christmas

Itinerary Details

Operated by: BucketRace

This virtual, interactive, competitive game uses the latest in broadcasting, virtual events, and design software, to bring our players a truly memorable user-friendly, immersive, experience. presenters, and live triggers.

Quiz Rounds:

1. History: Questions: Normal question, re-enactment, guest speaker, photo with question, fill in the gaps (famous saying).

2. SWYCS: Ten immersive say what you can sees.

3. Music: Song in reverse, finish the lyric, theme tune, finish the lyric, face swap album cover.

4. Quirky Round: Consisting of interactive graphics and video-based quiz questions, built around the season.

5. People or Food: Fake news, 1-star review reading, who created this, pixelated picture, who said this quote.

6. Live Round: That uses props, mortised electronics, and other gadgets to deliver quiz questions.

7. TV/Film: Literal movie name, re-enactment, movie poster face swap, say what you see, movie strapline.

8. Creative Round: That uses masks, music, props, videos, and graphics to deliver quiz questions.

9. Quirky Quickfire: A quickfire round of 10 quirky general knowledge questions.

10. Final round: Players build a list of up to 10 answers worth up to 20 points.
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