Make homemade lasagna from scratch

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Make homemade lasagna from scratch

Learn to cook Lasagna, an iconic Italian dish! You'll make pasta from scratch, Bolognese ragout, and bechamel sauce so you can surprise your family and friends with authentic, homemade Lasagna!

What to expect:

• You'll be taught how to knead and roll fresh pasta by hand or with a machine, and to cook different versions of Lasagna
• Roberta will demonstrate the entire process step by step and will provide personalized cooking tips throughout the online class
• Roberta is a professional tour guide based in Rome

What you should know before the experience:

• The class will be live streamed at 11AM (CEST)
• This online experience is perfect for groups of friends, families, team-building events and end of year office parties
• All ingredients, kitchen tools and pre-class prep are mentioned in the section below
• This class will be conducted via Zoom and the link will be shared with you after booking
• Pricing per person

About your host, Roberta: "I'm a professional tour guide with a passion for everything concerning good food, good wine, and the good life! I studied Chinese language and culture and lived in China for 4 years. I like the way food can bring people together and make them feel at home."

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4 eggs
400 gr of flour “0” *
* In Italy, “0”, or “zero,” flour is a refined, white flour used for making pasta. It’s not as refined as “00” or “doppio zero” flour, but typically more refined than the white flour that is often found on store shelves outside of Italy. If you can’t get your hands on any 0 flour, your all-purpose white flour will work fine, but the consistency will be slightly different. Purists might turn their noses up, but we have no problem using the regular stuff if we have run out of “0”.

200 gr of ground beef meat
100 gr of ground pork meat
150 gr of sausage, ground separately
80 gr of carrot
1 celery
80 gr of onion
1 tube of tomato paste
300 gr of tomato sauce
½ glass of red wine
1 lt of milk
Broth (vegetable or meat)
Olive oil and salt

50 gr butter
50 gr flour
500 gr milk
Nutmeg (not indispensable)

A casserole pan of 20cm x 30cm
A rolling pin
A cutting board or clean countertop for working the dough
Pasta rolling machine (Rolling pin (alternatively, an empty bottle of wine, previously washed)
2 non-stick pots
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