Dutch Food Dinner

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Dutch Food Dinner

I will write these in Dutch and English as for some traditional Dutch food, there is no translation! The variety is wide, we have many different dishes and lots of snacks. The most famous are I think the cabbage stew (potato and curly cale), croquette, salted raw herring, smoked fish, poffertje with butter and sugar (not puff but small pancakes) , stroopwafels (dubble cookie with sirop) with tea, Zeeuwse bolus (a delicious "poo or turd" from Zeeland)", pea soup, ....and much more. Winter time is the best time for stews, smoked sausages, puddings, and the traditonal split-pea-soup. Just tell me what you do NOT like to see on your plate and I will cook you a Dutch dinner. Not always cooked in the traditonal way but sometimes with a modern twist. Every other season brings another taste of the menu, so dessert and starter will be different in summer and winter.
Please bring your own wines an beers, those are not included with this dinner!

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'Kroketjes' with mostard
Kroketjes are the best, this one with a creamy filling with Dutch shrimps OR with mushrooms if you do not like to eat shrimps.

Starter (in Dutch:'voorgerecht')

April-October: Salted Haring, Smoked Haring, Sour Haring
November-March: Thick Dutch Pea soup with pork meat and vegetables
Haring is typical Dutch food, we love m!

Main course (in Dutch: hoofdgerecht)

A typical Dutch Stew with smoked sausage
This can be a curly cale stew or other veg. Potato mash with raw andive or leak or any other vegetable of the season with small dices of baked smoked bacon. Accompanied by a piece of smoked sausage and sauce.

Dessert (in Dutch: Toetje)

November-March: Zeeuwse Bolus (Poo from Zeeland ;-) with hot chocolate and whipped cream.
April-October: Pudding with fruit sauce and coffee with Dutch sweets

From April-Octorber:A classic home made Dutch semolinapudding with dried fruits and fresh fruit sauce as a topping. With a nice cup of coffee/tea and some Dutch sweets and cookies. From November-March the more winter dish: Zeeuwse Bolus with hot chocolate and whipped cream on top and some Dutch sweets and cookies.
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