Mumbai's best street food dinner

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Mumbai's best street food dinner

Enjoy this sort of tasting menu of the various street foods from Western India. Mumbai is known for many things, among them its mouth tingling and delicious street-side foods that are sold quite literally, by street-side vendors. Mumbai is an amalgamation of different cultures from not just India but also the world. This fusion has lead to a unique take on the traditional dishes, and making its own!

This tapas-style tasting will be filled with my favorites dishes from the city that never sleeps ( and I honestly crave this stuff!). These dishes remind me of growing up in Mumbai, where I knew the street-vendors by their first names. The menu is a combination of many different foods, small portions that keep on going made with local ingredients and age old recipes with my personal style to them.

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Tingling Tastes

Sev Puri
Crunchy flatbread topped with a mix made of potatoes, onions, tomatoes

Pani Puri
Fried dough ball stuffed with moong spouts and watery chutney

Sukha Bhel
Puffed rice with dry spices and onions for a crunchy taste

Rava Dhokla
Steamed semolina cake made

Keema Patties
Puff pastry stuffed with minced & spiced goat or beef

Heartier Tastings

Pav Bhaji
Mix Veg thick stew served with bread

Kulcha Roll
Naan stuffed with chicken cooked with spices

To Drink

Cutting Chai
Milk tea sweetened with sugar (optional)

Collection of teas
Green Tea, White Tea, Jasmine Tea, Peppermint Tea

Nimbu Pani
The Indian version of lemonade

On the sweeter side

Ras Malai
Indian Cheese in thickened milk
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