Private Seasonal Seafood Tasting Menu in Brooklyn

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Private Seasonal Seafood Tasting Menu in Brooklyn


Japanese-inspired seafood tasting menu, crafted with seasonal, locally-sourced vegetables and seafood with a touch of Japanese herbs and spices grown on the host's very own rooftop garden!

• 8 to 11-course seafood tasting menu that rotates seasonally; Menu is subject to change based on availability
• This event is BYOB
• Private dining with your trusted friends/family around one communal table
* If you have more than 8 people in your group, please message me to accommodate.

About Host Ai:
"I grew up in Japan helping my mother in the kitchen. My food reflects my background and roots. We're very conscious about food, the environment, and health. Our tasty meals are well-balanced with pronounced, subtle flavors. If you want to experience unique flavors and quality ingredients, this is the place!”

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Butternut Squash Chawanmushi

Tosazu, Olive Oil from Japan, Finger Lime

Yellowfin Tuna, Chipotle Soy Sauce, Corn, Garlic Chive, Shiso, Homemade Tortillas

Sea Scallops, Sorana Beans, Purple Potato, Almond Saffron dashi sauce, Aonori Butter

Spring Roll, Smoked Blue Fish, Zuccini, Japanese Eggplant

Seasonal Raw, Crudo Scallion Paste, Yuzu Zest

Grilled Spanish Mackerel Pickled Aji Dulse, Onion. Carrot, Carrot top paste

Clay pot cooked rice Maitake Mushroom, Nori Seaweed

Broth Mitsuba leaves, Popped Rice

Seasonal dessert 1

Seasonal Dessert 2