Rum, Beauty, and the Best Puerto Rican Spice

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Rum, Beauty, and the Best Puerto Rican Spice

*This menu requires at least three days advance preparation and therefore has a higher minimum guest count. Thank you for your understanding!* Welcome to the feast! While the underlying flavors are classic Puerto Rican, non-traditional presentations and ingredient combinations show the versatility of our cuisine. Por ejemplo...

Braised beef and tangy-sweet guava paste are like long lost brothers, but you wouldn't find them on the same plate in Puerto Rico, let alone surrounded by flaky pastry, generally reserved for sweets. Aged cheddar (which, on the other hand, does traditionally accompany guava paste), brings the first course to its apotheosis.

The rice pancakes are another mix of the old with the new. Familial strife over who gets to eat the the rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot--el pegao'--has ended and peace covers the table like garlicky exhalations. This is a fun way to enjoy sticky rice and beans.

But pasteles, one of the perfect examples of comida criolla, need not be messed with: stewed pork with garbanzos and olives in a thick tomato-sofrito base, filled inside a "masa" of root vegetables, then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed.

Flan de coco is nothing new, but a bit of Ron del Barrilito Tres Estrellas in the caramel takes you straight to the hacienda.

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Guava and Beef Crostata
Guava paste and braised beef inside a rich,
butter-and-lard pastry. Aged cheddar on top.


Pasteles de Cerdo*
Traditional banana leaf-wrapped, pork-filled, steamed dumpling that is one of the glories of Puerto Rico.

Served with garlic and lime mojo

*because of the labor involved in making the pasteles, I cannot guarantee their availability for any booking requests less than two weeks in advance. If unavailable, a different course will be offered


Grilled Chuletas
Marinated and grilled local organic pork chops.

Accompanied with crispy rice pancakes and stewed kidney beans.


Flan de Coco
Ron del Barrilito caramel

pairing: Ron del Barrilito Tres Estrellas rum, Puerto Rico

SIPIS (sips)

Served throughout the evening...
...refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and fizzy water.
We love coffee and tea after dinner, so we'll have locally-roasted M.E. Swings coffee and fragrant loose-leaf teas for you to enjoy with dessert.
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