Customized Italian cooking class and dinner in Milan

  • 3.5 hr

Itinerary Details

Customized Italian cooking class and dinner in Milan

At this cooking class you get to choose four dishes from the most famous Italian recipes to learn how to cook, then you'll enjoy your creations for dinner.

• Select your 4 favorite recipes and then get ready to learn the art of making fresh homemade pasta from scratch, as well as pizza, risotto, lamb, Tiramisu and more!
• Wine and Limoncello are included
• Dine at a beautiful, traditionally set table
• Communal dining for 2 to 12 people
• Chef Aurora and her daughter Lucrezia welcome you to their home to teach you authentic Italian recipes

About your host, Aurora: "Lessons are held in a typical Italian home, where you'll learn Italian cuisine infused with its culinary culture and Italian way of life. Aurora can easily teach you any challenging recipe, and you'll even earn a cooking diploma at the end of the evening to remember the experience!"

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Wellness Check: We ask all hosts and guests to confirm that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms before attending an Eatwith event. We also ask all participants to limit physical interactions including bypassing the customary welcome handshake.


Fettuccine with bolognese sauce
Long narrow strips of fresh pasta from scratch with the most famous italian sauce

Small cases of dough filled with spinach and ricotta

Parmigiana eggplants
Oven baked layers of fried Aubergine, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil


Zucchini flowers
Fried zucchini flowers filled with Mozzarella cheese and Anchovies

One of the popular dessert made of chilled layers of Lady Finger biscuits, with Mascarpone cheese, coffee, and topped with cocoa powder


Panna Cotta
The famous molded chilled dessert, made with cream and topped with strawberries

The most famous milanese dish with saffron

Typical roman dish it is cooked with anchovies and vinegar...look strange? Try it because it is delicious

Veal steak with bone and marrow inside, typical from Milano

Thin slices of veal cooked with butter and lemon

Gnocchi Sorrento style
Potatoes gnocchi topped with basil tomatoes and mozzarella

Vegetarian lasagna
Fresh pasta lasagna filled with besciamelle sauce,pesto and green beans

chocolate cake fondant
Hot chocolate lava cake
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