Sake Tasting & Food Pairing with a Sake Sommelier

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Sake Tasting & Food Pairing with a Sake Sommelier

From learning the history of Sake to tasting and learning how to order it, Host Gil breaks it all down at this sit-down dinner in a brewery in San Francisco. Learn all about Sake while hearing Gil's experience in his many years spent living in Japan. Gil has worked as a Sake sommelier at the two Izakaya restaurants "Sozai" and "Nombe" and loves to teach other all that he has learned.

About the host:
"In my time as a sake sommelier at the two Izakaya restaurants "Sozai" & "Nombe," I always sought to show the beauty and utility of sake. From "dai ginjo" styled sake best suited for a chef’s elaborately composed sashimi, to a funky, rich "honjozo" or "kimoto" sake that will tackle that plate of wing or that fat skewer of slow braised pork belly, I loved making sake approachable.

I want to give people the confidence to ask for and to order different sakes to suit their tastes and the dishes they order at restaurants (and I don’t just mean Japanese ones). That is what I hope you will get from spending time with me in our kitchen."

Learn the basics of sake history and productions from a certified Sake sommelier

Try three premium sakes expertly paired with 3 Nombe dishes to show the variety in styles

Hear stories of Gil's time in Japan

Master the way of ordering sake at restaurants or at home

Can cater to vegetarian options and pescatarian options

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Natural Marriage

Assorted Sushi & Junmai Daiginjo Sake
Hako-zushi & Temaki with Junmai Daiginjo Sake

What the Funk

Grilled Kurobuta Pork Belly & Yamahai Sake
Pork Belly Marinated in 9-year old braise, grilled & served with Wasabi Mash and a sharp, acidic & funky Yamahai Sake.

For the Sweet Tooth

Green Tea Panna Cotta & Sparkling Sake
A light, sweet way to experience dessert-style sake.
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