7-course gastronomic seafood feast in Rome

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  • 3 hr

Itinerary Details

7-course gastronomic seafood feast in Rome

Let host Pigi in Rome whip up a seafood feast for you, featuring multiple gastronomic courses with an explosion of marine fragrances that highlight fresh fish and seafood.

• Dinner consists of 3 seafood appetizers, 2 main courses, a side dish, and homemade cake for dessert
• Glass of Prosecco, a bottle of wine and liqueurs are included
• In a beautiful Roman penthouse, close to the Tiber river
• Communal dining for 2 to 6 people
• Pigi has taken professional cooking classes

About your host, Pigi: "I'm a lover of quality food and my mom used to run a restaurant in Lago del Santo, in Rieti. She was my teacher and taught me a lot about fresh products, combinations, and cooking. I'm always looking for the best products, preferably organic and farm-to-table!"

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3 starters mix

Buffalo mousse
Mozzarella and buffalo ricotta, red shrimp marinated in orange juice and then scalded with basil

Fried anchovies balls
Fresh anchovies with stale bread, pecorino cheese, chilli pepper and herbs

Fantasy of the chef
Grilled octopus, wild Alaskan salmon, fresh savoy cabbage, Andria burrata

Prawn cutlet
Crustacean breaded, fried

Crouton with fish mousse

Crouton with stracciatella and anchovy sauce

Crouton with avocado and marinated anchovies

Gnocchi & Pasta

Gnocchi of the port
Homemade potato gnocchi with crustaceans and mollusc: red and white shrimp, scampi, clams and mussels, and calamari and cherry tomatoes


Spaghetti with fish
Pasta with white ragù sauce


Maltagliati mussels and chickpeas
Fresh pasta homemade


Swordfish linguine
Pasta with swordfish, datterini tomatoes, chopped pistachios

Main course

Seared cod with chickpeas and bacon
Seared cod placed on cream of chickpeas and rosemary with crispy bacon


Drunk squid
Squids with pachino tomatoes, flavored with cognac


Catch of the day

Codfish milk
Cod cooked at low temperature


Side dish


Green mixed salad

Grilled vegetables


Grandmother's tart
Shortcrust pastry, grandma's jam


Apple strudel
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