Guadalajara food walk around Santa Tere

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Guadalajara food walk around Santa Tere

Take a walk through Guadalajara’s foodie paradise, Santa Tere, and experience multicolored visions, mouth-watering smells, ancient flavors, and groundbreaking dishes in markets, restaurants, and street stalls.

• You will try over 10 samples of carefully selected Mexican food and drinks, some of which the host's family has been eating for generations
• Artisanal beer, Tejuino, and a local chocolate drink are included
• Discover one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Guadalajara on foot
• Communal food walk for up to 10 people
• Fernanda will share the inside stories behind each bite to help you appreciate the flavors in a different light

About your host, Fernanda: "Born into a family of food lovers, I've spent my entire life eating my way around Guadalajara and know all the right places to go. Authentic Mexican food is vibrant, delicious, and fun. It tells a story that I’m proud to share!"

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Carne en su jugo
Meaty broth with chunks of beef and crispy bacon

Taco al pastor
Marinated strips of pork stacked onto a trompo (spinning top), which shape allows the fat and other juices to drip down onto the meat

Taco de cachete
Marinated beef cheeks, blue corn tortilla, cheese crust, roasted pineapple, roasted cambray onion and mashed avocados

Artisanal beer
Choose from five award-winning artisanal beers

Taco de birria
Prepared with either goat or beef that are marinated with roasted chiles, chocolate, bread crumbs, etc.

Fried quesadilla
Uncooked corn dough filled with cheese and other ingredients and fried until it turns golden brown. Served with cream, cheese and green tomato sauce on top

Guadalajara’s most famous dessert!

Made with fermented corn, this non-alcoholic drink has been consumed in Mexico for thousands of years

Torta zarandeada
An interesting take on tortas ahogadas, filled with shrimp and octopus

Artisanal chocolate drink
The Aztecs believed cacao beans were gifts from the gods, and that's exactly what this hot or cold chocolate drink is!
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