Learn how to cook an easy and tasty Mediterranean meal

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Learn how to cook an easy and tasty Mediterranean meal

Learn how to make two classic European dishes in this online cooking class. Martine and Olav will show you how to prepare creamy zucchini soup and a fresh Niçoise salad.

What to expect:

• Martine and Olav will demonstrate each process step by step and will share tips to make the recipe your own - the variety is endless!
• Learn culinary techniques to elevate any dish!
• This experience is top-rated on TripAdvisor and was awarded "Traveller's Choice: Best of the Best!"

What you need to know:

• This online experience is perfect for groups of friends, families, team-building events and end of year office parties
• The class will be live streamed at 7:30PM (CEST) & 1:30PM (EST)
• All ingredients, kitchen tools and pre-class prep are mentioned in the section below
• This class will be conducted via Zoom and the link will be shared with you after booking
• Pricing per person

About your host: Martine and Olav are the former owners of a French restaurant. In 2016, they repurposed their passion for hospitality and gastronomy by organizing dining experiences in a more intimate setting: in their own home! Martine's Table took off in March 2016 and since then they hosted guests from over 60 countries from all over the world.

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1st dish

25 grams Butter
70 grams Shallots, without skin, peeled, finely chopped
1⁄2 teaspoon Salt
700 grams Zucchini (with skin and seeds, cut into small lumps, size about 1⁄2 you thumb)
5 grams Garlic, finely chopped (or pressed)
1⁄2 shot glass Red wine vinegar
35 grams Semola
1⁄2 Tablespoon Tarragon (dried)
1 Liter Chicken broth in a measuring can (pref. homemade, or buy high quality pot, or make it from

high quality cubes)
Alternative: vegetable stock
Little splash Vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower)
25 grams Diced bacon (fresh)

Alternative: roasted cashew nuts

2 slices White bread, good firm quality, ready to toast. Slices should be not to thin.

Olive oil
White pepper
Dill (fresh)
Sour cream

2nd dish

50 grams Green beans or haricots verts
1 Fresh green lettuce (e.g. Butter lettuce, Lollo Verde, Mesclun).

Judge for yourslef what is good and fresh, if it’s green and the leaves are slightly silky, it’s
good. Do not use Iceberg salad, it does not match the other ingredients.

10 Cherry tomatoes (or a few larger tomatoes, as long as they are tasty and ready to eat)
1 Red onion, peeled
1 Cucumber, with skin
10 Black olives, no pit
Handful Capers (small size, in a pot, pref. no caper apples)
2 fresh organic Eggs
4 slices Anchovy (small size)
Small can Tuna in olive oil, best quality you can get and sustainably fished

Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Black pepper (freshly grounded)
Croutons (you produced them already while making the Courgette soup)
Basil leaves (optional)
A baguette (or ciabatta)


1. Small cooking pan
2. Pepper mill, filled with black pepper grains
3. Sieve (colander)
4. Skimmer spoon
5. Salad spinner
6. Cutting board
7. Large and sharp (!) kitchen knife (not a sawtooth)
8. Large mixing bowls
9. Small mixing bowls
10. Tablespoons
11. Shot glasses
12. Large Soup pan
Optional: garlic press

prepping before the class

Please cut the zucchini and shallots before the class